Eastern Synergy Contracting


    Design, Supply and Installation of all ranges of HVAC works:
    Cooling Towers
    Heat Exchangers
    Air Ventilation Systems
    Air Pressurization System
    Smoke Management Systems
    Humidification and Dehumidification Systems
    Chillers for Industrial use
    Absorption Type Chillers
    Water Cooled and Air Cooled Chillers
    District Cooling Systems
    DX Coil Air Conditioning Units
    Testing and Balancing
    Precision Conditioning Units and Installation
    Chilled Water Pumps and Treatment
    Cold Rooms and Refrigeration Storage Facility
    Boilers and Central Heating Systems

    Fire Protection Systems

    Design, Supply and Installation a full range of Fire Fighting Equipment and Systems including:
    Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
    Emergency Voice Evacuation Systems
    Fire Hydrant and Hose Reel Systems
    Automatic Sprinkler Systems.
    Water Spray Systems
    Low, and High Expansion Foam Systems
    Deluge Fire Protection Systems
    Water Mist Fire Suppression System
    Dry Sprinkler System
    Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
    Portable Fire Extinguishers
    Passive Fire Protection Measures

    General Mechanical

    Design,Supply and Installation of all kind of mechanical works including:
    Pipeline Construction
    Pump Station and Facility Construction